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Looking for Graphist

Post by Cat-sama on Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:55 pm

EDIT 07/03/2016 & 09/03/2016 - Update to application form with a tid-bit of information for what we'd be looking for in your 'portfolio'.

As the title says, we're looking for a new graphist! We're looking for someone to join our group strictly as a graphic designer, who can participate not only with team projects, but also socially (we're a very social studio, and though we wouldn't force you to talk, we'd really appreciate and love it if you did <3 ).

Q. But don't you already have a graphist/someone who does your designs?
A. Our original graphist, Noysi-kun, is unfortunately busy with school and is very rarely available. Other design work has either been done by our members (mainly Kyoroichi and Mayushii) or by friends of the studio, and they naturally have other projects they'd rather work on. If you joined a graphist, those things would fall almost solely under your jurisdiction.

Q. What would I have to do?

  • Theme Design (Icons, YouTube banners, etc.)

  • Logo Design (not required)

  • Member Signature Design

  • Video Thumbnails/Banners (mainly for group MEPs, but expect members to sometimes ask you for one for their own solo works)

  • Forum Design (not required)

  • Studio Intros (not required)

  • Put up with criticism and (often unreasonable or annoying) demands (unfortunately, if you're asked to change something in a design we would expect a change. This WILL be VERY frustrating at times, and we apologise for the trouble in advance. If you can't deal with that, then this may not be for you).

  • Work to deadlines (often rather last minute...)

Q. I'm interested and I'm also an editor. Would I be asked to participate in group projects/expected to release AMVs under the team name?
A. No. As said before, this is strictly for graphic design work. However, we are more than happy for you to share betas, talk about AMVs and give us feedback on our own edits.

Q. Would I have an opportunity to join also as an editor?
A. Of course! Maybe you're a sik editor and we'll be down to have you, or maybe you just need some improvement and help first. Crows functions as a family, and we're always willing to support one another.

Q. This all sounds good to me. How do I apply?
A. Leave a reply to this thread with a link to some examples of your design work (deviantArt, Mega, Photobucket, fckn Instagram idk man anywhere we can access them easily) OR PM Kyoroichi or myself. If you have either one of us on Skype, you can also send through there. We'd accept entries through our Facebook group as well, but please don't send messages to our personal accounts.

This is an AUDITION process, so there's no guarantee you will be accepted, even if you're the only one to apply. If you are not chosen, please don't necessarily see it as a reflection of your skills; your work may not be a style we're looking for, or you simply need more experience and improvement. Continue to share your works in our Graphics thread, so we can see how your work grows and for people to provide feedback (not limited to Crows members). Though this forum fluctuates in activity and many of us are rather unsocial outside of our group, we do want to be a team who support those from the ground up, and we like to encourage others to do the same.

Q. What do I put in my application?

Link to works*:
What you enjoy designing**:
What you can make (icons? forums? logos?):
Skype/Method of contact:

*: Please AT LEAST include designs for icons, banners and thumbnails. You'd be the graphist for our team, so being able to make those particular things are a MUST and we need to know how you'd cope with it.

**: Remember, our studio centres more around DARKER themes (for the instance of icons, banners etc). If you aren't comfortable with editing those then we may not be an ideal place for you.

We recommend that your portfolio or w/e includes a variety of designs (icons, logos, banners, thumbnails, styles etc).

Q. I don't think I have the time to be a full time graphist, but I DO have a design idea for _____. Are you interested?
A. Absolutely! We're very interested in seeing other people's ideas and we have no qualms in using them if our members like them. Feel free to send icon designs (please for the love of god someone make one for Crows YT channel...), logo ideas, forum layouts, banner designs etc. Just understand that if we obtain a studio graphist, their works would likely be given priority.

Deadline: NONE. This topic will likely remain open even after we get a full time graphist, allowing you to submit any design ideas you have.

We appreciate you sharing this post as well; if you know someone who likes to design graphics, please send this on to them! Just remember you CANNOT submit a form for them; they must make the post/contact themselves.

Thank you very much and please have fun (though being a graphist basically means ur the studio bitch)!

Resources: https://mega.nz/#F!x51HDDBT!TwyTUgBwT6yUBU61ODugYQ

Things in this post may be subject to change.

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Re: Looking for Graphist

Post by sirenaim on Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:52 pm

Username/Alias: u kno me nigga
Link to works: https://mega.nz/#!K0kRlZpI!QGjQAN8KNo80Qre5pv15eiea9Q-3caTdgXP0sdFHUU4 (I can provide more stuff if needed, I do designs for school more than youtube lately but ye)
What you enjoy designing: most things on the list tbh, except for studio intros, I'm not that experienced with making stuff like that yet but I guess I could try~
Skype/Method of contact: sirenaim

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